Grade 12 AJSH student Sydney Greenlaw is the first in northern Alberta to receive the Faculty of Science of the University of Ottawa Undergraduate Research Scholarship.

AJSH student first in northern Alberta to receive prestigious scholarship

COLD LAKE - A Grade 12 Assumption student is achieving a first for northern Alberta.

Sydney Greenlaw is the first northern Alberta student to receive the Faculty of Science of the University of Ottawa Undergraduate Research Scholarship.

Greenlaw is one of 16 Canadians to be awarded a spot in this unique research experience.

“It feels amazing. I put so much effort into my education over the years, even applying for the scholarship was a lot of work,” she said. “To be 18 years old and working in a lab doing research, it’s proof that all of my hard work is paying off.”

Through the $11,500 scholarship, Greenlaw will work closely over the summer with one of the University of Ottawa’s world-class research groups as a research assistant to one of the professors. She will have another opportunity to expand her research experience the following summer after completing her first year of her undergraduate program.

“I have always been so passionate about science, and being able to spend a summer doing something I love is truly amazing,” Greenlaw said.

Not only is Greenlaw the first northern Alberta student to receive this prestigious opportunity, she is the second in all of Alberta. To qualify, Greenlaw had to have an admission average of at least 92 per cent and demonstrate research skills and involvement in extracurricular activities. Part of the application process included submitting a curriculum vitae (CV) underlining her extracurricular scientific activities, a reference letter from a science teacher, a 250-word text on how she explores her passion for science and shares it with others, and undergo an interview.

“I am just so proud. To be selected out of so many students from across the country - I think that says something about the efforts I have put in over the years.”