Division Celebration

From inducting new teachers into the Alberta Teachers' Association (ATA) to marking anniversaries with the division and recognizing retirements, Lakeland Catholic came together on November 1 to celebrate their staff milestones. 

This was in addition to the professional development scheduled throughout the day, which focused on a variety of sessions including wellness, classroom resources, technology, and much more. 

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ATA Inductees

Assumption Jr/Sr High
Sydney Kohl
Marianne MacDonald

Ecole Dr. Bernard Brosseau
Shyanne La Sorsa

Holy Cross Elementary
Tanis Beida
Cari Graus
Amanda MacNivan

Light of Christ Catholic
Yannick Kouassi
Robert Lazar
Emily Venance

Ecole Notre Dame High
Sofia Bouchard
Jason English


Awardees and Retirees

Assumption Jr/Sr High
Cheryl Schesnuk - Retiree
Tim Urlacher - Retiree

Ecole Dr. Bernard Brosseau
Vicky Van Brabant - Retiree

Ecole Notre Dame Elementary
Jackie Miller - 15 years
Bernadette Sharun - Retiree

St. Dominic Elementary
Micheal Cramer - 15 years
Lorraine Hawkins - 40 years
Margaret Froning - Retiree