Elaine Ernst will be Acting Principal of Assumption for the 2022-23 school year.

Elaine Ernst taking the reins as Acting Principal at AJSH

COLD LAKE - Elaine Ernst may have a new title as she enters the 2022-23 school year, but her surroundings will remain the same as she takes on the role of Acting Principal of Assumption Jr/Sr High School. 

Assumption has always been home to the former Crusader. Elaine not only graduated from the school, but taught there for 15 years  before becoming vice principal in 2021.  

“I hope to bring my experience and relationships to this new role, to continue to develop the excellent programs offered here at Assumption Jr/Sr High.”

Elaine graduated from the University of Alberta with a Major in English and a Minor in Social Studies. She has completed her graduate certificate in Catholic School Administration from Newman Theological College, as well as the Leadership Quality Standard program through St. Mary’s University. Elaine is now entering the Master of Education program for curriculum and pedagogy at the University of Alberta. 

With a passion for literacy at all levels, the lifelong Crusader describes herself as a “instructional pedagogy geek.”

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Elaine moved to Canada in 1986. She is married, has three sons, and lives on an acreage outside of Cold Lake with her family and their pets.

“I look forward to growing the exciting opportunities at our school such as the AJSH Hockey Development Program, locally developed courses including the Tabletop Roleplay Game Design, and our outstanding fine arts programming,” said Elaine.


“Through love serve one another.”

Galatians 5:13