LCSD Bus Cancellation Policy

During inclement weather, Lakeland Catholic’s Transportation Department may cancel buses for either part, or a full day. 

Lakeland Catholic school buses do not operate in the event of the following conditions:

• The wind chill is equivalent to, or in excess of, -45 degrees Celsius

• The outside air temperature is equal to or exceeds -40 degrees Celsius

• Poor road conditions

The Manager of Transportation may cancel school buses individually or collectively when weather         conditions are considered a safety hazard for students being transported. Individual bus drivers may also cancel or alter their routes to ensure the safety of students. 

In the event buses are cancelled, information is shared on all division social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as on the Lakeland Catholic website (, individual school social media pages and websites, and the Bus Status App.

Should an individual driver decide to cancel or alter their route, they are responsible for notifying        impacted families and the division’s Manager of Transportation. 

Even when buses are cancelled, schools are open and offering regular classes. 

“Despite buses not running, schools remain open and learning is still taking place in all of our classrooms,” Superintendent Pamela Guilbault said. 

Parents are asked to contact their child(ren)’s school should their child not be attending school due to a bus cancellation.

In some cases, weather or road conditions deteriorate during the school day, and an early return home of school bus students is considered. If students are sent home early, this information will be broadcast on the radio, shared on the Bus Status App, and on the division’s social media pages. 

For more information, see our Inclement Weather Policy, which can be found here.