Partnership with Staples (BYOD)

Lakeland Catholic School District (LCSD) is proud to announce our Bring Your Own Educational Device (BYOD) partnership with Staples in Cold Lake! 

LCSD is committed to using the power of technology in purposeful and meaningful ways in order for its students to deepen their understanding and demonstrate their learning.

Staples has partnered with us to bring together three packages, two Chromebook and one iPad package, which offers parents a significant savings over buying these devices separately.  Staples offers additional value, added warranty, and training if parents and students so desire, including the option to finance their purchase over two years.

LCSD uses both Chromebooks and iPads daily, for educational purposes, and we are excited to offer parents the opportunity for their children to have their own Chromebook or iPad.

Our goal is for every student to have access to all the resources necessary for learning and for our students to develop digital citizenship and social responsibility in the use of technology.

Contact Information

Lakeland Catholic School District
Director of Technonlogy
Clint Elliott: 780-812-3414

Staples Cold Lake
General Manager
Pradeep Kushwah: 780-594-7828