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Attendance Boundaries

We expect students to attend their local school and have established attendance areas for transportation purposes and for effective use of school facilities.  Lakeland Catholic School Division believes the responsibility for busing students to and from a student's local school - within these specific attendance boundaries - rests with us.

Therefore, we expect parents/guardians to provide their own transportation when students attend a school that is outside their attendance area.

Please contact the transportation department if you need further clarification on busing boundaries and zones.

Inclement Weather

School buses will not run when:

  • The wind chill is equivalent to or exceeds –45 degrees Celsius
  • The outside air temperature is equivalent to or exceeds –40 degrees Celsius

Cancellations will be communicated on this website, under "Bus Schedule", on Facebook, using the Bus Status app, and on the radio stations indicated in the Transportation Policy.

For any Transportation related questions, concerns, or emergencies, please call:

April Whitford
Transportation Administrator
Office: (780) 826-3764
Cell: (780) 815-0052

Bus Status App