stack of books at library

At Lakeland Catholic, literacy is and will remain a priority.  Our schools believe that strong literacy programming has a powerful impact on student learning and serves as the foundation for academic success in all subject areas.  Our division has developed shared literacy beliefs and understandings. We continue to provide professional development for staff new in the area of Balanced Literacy and strategies to support individual student learning. A variety of approaches are used to ensure student success, which include; oral language, reading to children (modeled reading), language experience (reading), shared reading, guided reading, and independent reading. Balanced literacy programs offer the same diversity in writing strategies.

To maximize engaged learning time and focused teaching, our schools are organized around the learning needs of students. Adequate time is allocated for core learning, resources are allocated to support literacy learning and student who require extra assistance receive the time and support to experience success.

Lakeland Catholic leaders and staff are committed to remaining on the cutting edge and use professional learning to stay current on new ways of representing ideas, new ways of encoding language, new ways of spending time reading and writing. We are committed to the mission of preparing our students for their future.