What We Are Doing: Kindergarten to Grade 6


To ensure Early Learning students have an excellent start to their early learning journey, teachers are focusing on phonemic awareness and phonics in their classrooms utilizing a number of tools and strategies. 

This instruction and practice is woven throughout the day.

All Lakeland Catholic Kindergarten teachers have participated in Hanen Training, which they're implementing in their classrooms to make language come alive. 

Grades 1 through 6

Lakeland Catholic teachers have committed to providing direct, explicit instruction relating to the Pillars of Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, and Vocabulary daily. 

They are leveraging instructional resources and strategies provided by Alberta Education and Dr. George Georgiou. 

This includes 20 weeks of systematic phonics lessons, 80 intervention lessons, and research-proven approaches to teaching vocabulary that teachers can utilize in their classrooms to meet the specific needs of their students. 

Teachers have at their fingertips; a variety of engaging activities students can use to practice and reinforce what they learn during direct instruction.