Whistleblower Protection

The Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) Act is in place to protect public sector employees and political staff from punishment if they:

  • Disclose wrongdoing that is conducted against the public’s interest

  • Seek advice or information about disclosing a wrongdoing from:

    • their supervisor,

    • the Designated Officer, or

    • the Public Interest Commissioner

  • Co-operate in an investigation into wrongdoing

  • Decline to participate in suspected wrongdoing

The Act provides a process that protects Alberta public servants by ensuring:

  • Donfidentiality for those who seek advice about or make a disclosure*,

  • A clear process and set of timelines to guide employees when they disclose wrongdoing

  • A transparent process in place to support investigations

  • A strict set of penalties for those who commit a reprisal (punishment for reporting wrongdoing), obstruct an investigation, destroy records, or make false or misleading statements as part of an investigation, and

  • A broad range of remedies for employees who have experienced reprisal

**Some information gathered from the Government of Alberta website.