Freedom of Information and Privacy (FOIP)

Lakeland Catholic Schools follow the guidelines drawn out under the Alberta FOIP Act. This Act was passed in the fall of 1995, and applied to all school jurisdictions on September 1, 1998. Through the FOIP Act, Lakeland Catholic Schools must ensure the individual privacy of its students and families, as well as provide the public access to information as required.

There are five key purposes of the FOIP Act:

  • Right of access to records – Individuals have the right to access Lakeland Catholic records, with some restrictions.

  • Protection of personal privacy – Information can only be: collected in a specified manner, used in a specified manner, and disclosed of in specific instances.

  • Right of access to an individual’s own personal information – individuals have every right to access information about themselves.

  • Right to Correction - If the information collected is not correct, an individual has every right to request a correction to their information.

  • Independent review of decisions - an individual has the right to an independent review of decisions made by Lakeland Catholic.

Personal information which is provided by parents pertaining either to themselves or to their children is kept in the strictest confidence. The information is only used for the purposes in which it was collected, and is kept securely by Lakeland Catholic.

There are various uses of information covered under the FOIP Act. In order for schools to be aware of the requests of parents with regards to privacy, parents are provided with a form on which they can indicate their desires.

Lakeland Catholic Schools strives to provide as much information to its students, staff, parents, and the public as possible. Most information is available either online, or through contacting our Central Office. Examples of information which is readily available to anyone interested include our audited financial statements, approved budget, Education Plan, class size reports, minutes from all Board meetings, and survey results.

If you are unable to locate information you require, please contact our Central Office before making an official FOIP request. Should you not be able to acquire the documents you request, and the explanation as to why does not meet your satisfaction, you may make a request for that information through the FOIP Act. These requests can be made in writing to the District FOIP Coordinator. Please contact our FOIP Coordinator at the information below if you have any questions or concerns.

Tessa Hetu
FOIP Coordinator
Lakeland Catholic School District
Phone: (780) 826-3764
Fax: (780) 826-7576